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Re: Video: Victory Garden (1942 edition)

Ruth it's cathy again, I shared this on my fb but I don't think the link works. Anyway I have copied the ads from bottom... to post as well. I will give you credit though, just wanted to be sure that was ok with you
Cathy Colllins

Re: Video: Victory Garden (1942 edition)

Ruth Thank you so much for sharing this incredible film clip. I was smiling the whole time and the voice over was endearing to me, so reminiscent of war films, etc.

I admit I wish my family and I gardened together in a serious manner like this...I love the way folks lived in the past. Life isn't always better on the fast lane. Don't get me wrong though I love my life too; I just appreciate the time I have to to focus on living my life while remembering and honoring the past and those that have gone before us.

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thanks for sharing I loved this video

Re: Protecting Your Investment

Just showing my husband your photos...
I'm so glad you did that too!!!!!!

Re: Protecting Your Investment

VERY IMPRESSIVE...props to you!
Love your seedling housing : )))
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Re: Thinning Vegetable Seedlings

Love this post finding it a year later but the plan is still the same. I will thin my lettuce seedlings tomorrow and try a couple per peat pot.
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Re: Lettuce in the Spring Garden

Love love love the look of your lettuce. I have some that believe it or not (in zone 6, boston), came up outdoors a few weeks ago from last year. Mustn't have germinated originally. We are expecting 20 degree temps tonite and tomorrow nite so I have them lettuce covered with gallon milk bottles as cloches.

As for my indoor germination of lettuce, it looks NOTHING like yours. I did have a delay (basically had to ignore it for a few weeks) which didn't help. But I am moving everything upstairs tonight, the basement is too cold and I got 250wt heat bulbs instead of regular lgiths bulbs I was using at 120wt. I will water and watch carefully due to heat.

Could you recommend what I should do regarding thinning? I planted a large tray (normally 75 pods) with soiless mix and 4 long lines of lettuce seed. I must post photos. I'm assunmng I should wait til they grow more before thining. Suggestion?

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Re: QUESTION: Starting a veggie garden in zone 6

Hi Jackie I feel for you completely. We're in Boston (love to meet zone 6 gardeners) and it is supposed to 20s tonite and tomoro nite. I have some lettuce that sprouted on its own from last year. I now have it covered with gallon milk jugs. Cut the bottom off milk jug and place bottom over plant so top air gets in. (I made a mistake without airhole last year and fried a a plant!) I also have thyme that has begun to green so i have covered that as well for a couple of days. Believe it or not my basemement has been too cold for my seedlings so I will move them upstairs today into my ocean state $20 cold frame. My cold frame is protable 3' x5'...could you bring your inside for a coupl eof days and put alight on it. I was away for 4 days last week and my seedlings were hurt by lack of care. They should be stronger now than they are...I will update on my blog.

If that is a photo of your current garden it looks awesome but you'll need to cover the whole thing this week. Even heavy plastic garbage bags..held up with sticks?

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Keep in touch and best of luck
Cathy aka gardenchef