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Re: Low-Cost Deer Defense

This is a very imaginative scheme. I think it would be neat to hang an assortment of windchimes. It wouldnt be recyclable, but it would set a mood in your garden that is timeless. You still have the reflection of light from the sun, if you get metal chimes, and the movement from the wind. Windchimes would also add an aspect of noise, wich may be helpful for other critters. Most of all I would enjoy the beautiful melody, the song of nature, everytime the wind blows through while working in the garden. And maybe the plants would equally enjoy the music

Re: My Bountiful Strawberry Harvest

About how big should you make your strawberry bed?

Re: Culinary Mint Medley

id like to know how to successfully plant mint. ive been having the most difficult time getting them to sprout.