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Three Ways to Keep Garden Records

There are probably as many different ways to keep records as there are gardeners. Before deciding on a method, think about what your reasons are for keeping them in the first place. What...

Composting in Winter

My compost pile is far from my house. Besides, it's busy working, getting itself ready to use next spring. So rather than add to it all winter, or worse, not compost at all (impossible!), I use...

Vegetable Garden Planning

I always start gardening in January, curled up by the woodstove, with a nice cup of tea and a pile of seed catalogs. Since what I’d like to grow always exceeds the available space, careful planning and crop rotation are essential.

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Re: QUESTION: What can I do for the mold growing on top of my starters?

I'd just like to second Jonathan's suggestions. I, too, love Neem oil - it cures almost everything. I also use chammomile tea, as a drench and a spray.

Re: It's time to start planning

I absolutely agree that keeping records is essential to productive, efficient growing. I just finished planning my garden, and having records from the past makes it go much quicker.

I keep extensive records, including date seeded, transplant date, harvest dates and amounts and notes on how things grew (or failed to grow),their taste and what was done to the beds and when.

For more details, see my post at
Garden to Table

Re: Totally Tomatoes

I order from this catalog, and some of their sister catalogs regularly. I have always been completely satisfied. The catalog itself is overwhelming - so many choices! I have never had any problems that I can recall, so I can't speak to their customer service, or maybe that shows it's good. Anyway, I recommend this company, and also Vermont Bean Seed. Their prices are very competitive, they have a huge selection of seeds and the quality has always been excellent.

Re: Seed Savers Exchange

I ordered from SSE last year and was disappointed. I also joined the exchange, and never got the scions that I sent and paid for.

As for the seeds, 2 packets did not germinate at all, 1 was the wrong seed (or it was cross-pollinated) and the other 2 had poor germination. The fact that I wasn't thrilled with the taste/performance of the variety was incidental, but added to the overall experience. I'm reluctant to order from them again.