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Re: Wineberries

Wineberries might produce delicious fruits, but unfortunately the this positive factor doesn’t really outweigh the damage this species causes to the environment. You should know it is illegal to “import, move, sell, purchase, transplant, cultivate, or distribute” any of the species on our state (CT) list, which is determined by the Connecticut state legislature based on recommendations from the state’s Invasive Plants Council. Wine berries are on CT's list! Plants must meet 9 criteria to be included on the state Invasive Plant List. Plants must demonstrate the ability or potential to out-compete other species, produce numerous individuals, grow rapidly, and survive without the benefits of human cultivation in areas where the species is not native, among other things. Violators may be fined up to 100 dollars PER PLANT, which gives you an idea of how important this is!

While many gardeners and growers may think they can keep the plants under control in their own yards, humans are not the only creatures eating the fruits, which can be dispersed by birds or other animals to areas away from the original garden, where they may multiply and grow quickly, negatively impacting our natural areas and our native species.

For more information, check out the CIPWG page where they have all the legislation and laws (the prohibition on moving, buying, selling, transporting, cultivating, etc. any listed invasive plant) is found in Sect. 22a-381d of the CT General Statutes, which you can access via the CIPWG site at