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Re: What's Cooking? Preserving? Fermenting? Infusing?

Did you use fresh or dried elderberries in apple cider vinegar?

I just strained my fire cider today to give as gifts and will start another batch. I too have been making blackberry vinegars and shrubs - they are utterly delicious!

With much gratitude for your inspiring column!

Re: Enjoy a Cuppa: Blending Teas

Lovely teas for a wintry day. Let's add Anise Hyssop(Agastache foeniculum) to the list! It's the 2019 Herb of the Year!!!

Re: The Green Farmacy Garden

Love the datura unfurling!

Really glad I got to see Dr. Duke and his wonderful gardens, hear the music, and commune with Nature and other nature-lovers.

I am inspired to create some shade covers after being there.

Re: Are your Plants Dead or Alive?

Love the literary reference and so glad to learn a new meaning for "wick". Thanks to you and Tina.

Re: On the road again: Springtime in the Ozarks

Love the owl!

Re: January

We have the snowdrops, too, which I think of as a winter plant, here in Staten Island, a few hours north. Bulbs are sending up sprouts, but the herbs are hiding. I am waiting for hellebore, too. I am hoping the cold snap and snowfalls reduce the tick population this year.

Re: Happy New Year--The Gardening Season for 2013 has begun!

More than ever, this makes me want a greenhouse! I attended Susan's bitters workshop at the 2012 IHA-NY. If you go, you are in for a treat!

Re: Lentil and Greens Soup

My German-Hungarian father used to make lentil soup for New Year's Eve, too. The first spoonful would tell how prosperous you would be in the new year. We'd all try to take a huge spoonful with as many lentils as possible, for each lentil represented each dollar you'd make in the coming year. I have red lentils, some Za’atar from Pat Crocker, spinach and lots of potatoes. I will make this soup for dinner tonight. Thanks, Susan!

Re: California Springtime

Leek and horseradish sauerkraut does sound delicious? Any chance you can post a recipe for that one day? Have fun.

Re: Winter Solstice and Full Moon Pictoral

We set the alarm to see the eclipse at 2:45 a.m. Happily, the Staten Island skies were clear and the eclipse eerily beautiful. Light streamed in through the skylights. Enjoy the season, all!

Re: Writing from the road continued

Wow! A six-week garden festival at Epcot! Who'd have thought! Great photos and how wonderful to have your daughters along with you. This makes me want to take the safari ride.

The South is very seductive in color and greenery and warmth, but I am always glad to be home. Here in Staten Island, NY, the yellows of daffodils and forsythias have given way to the blues and purples of vinca, phlox, lilac, scilla, azalea, and dwarf comfrey, accented by white dogwoods and biennial lunaria. A short heat wave finished off the tulips early this year.

gert coleman