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Re: QUESTION: Wild Grape Vines

Grapes can produce wonderful fruit in hot dry climates because they have major root systems over 20 feet deep in places. But they operate on the same principal as any plant, they have to put leaves into the sunlight to make food. You can kill just about any plant by starvation through depriving it of its food generating leaves. Each time more shoots come up, the food stores in its roots are that much more depleted. Once you cut the woody stems off, a lawn mower will work to cut it back. It may take a year or more of repeated cutting or like Debjk suggests, an impervious mulch, but you will prevail.

You can drill - as Salad Days suggests - the roots and put in a handfull of decomposed wood from a rotting stump - which will innoculate the roots with fungi ready to eat the roots. Personally, I think Roundup is a danger to the environment.