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Planting Tomatoes in Beaverton, OR

We planted our tomatoes (19 varieties) in a 4' x 24' raised garden bed enclosed in a hoop house.  Spring can be cool in Oregon so we wanted a warm spot for the tomatoes.  We added worm...

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Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

We are growing our potatoes in a wire cage. The cage is 4 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter. I added soil up to 3 feet high in the cage as the potatoes grew from the bottom. The potato plants are up over the top of the wire now. I put straw along the edges of the wire so the soil wouldn't fall out through the 4 inch wire openings. I'm hoping to have a huge crop of potatoes. I planted 4 varieties with 3 of each type. It takes up much less space in the garden and I will be able to reach through the wire and pick out new potatoes while leaving the rest to grow. Yum, I can't wait.