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Re: DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate

An easy way to put a bird net or clear plastic over a raised bed is to make a PVC pipe curved skeleton brace every three feet and add the covering. I just make sure to anchor it firmly inside my bed and then bend to match inside the other side. have used the same 1/2 lnch PVC pipe braces for three years. Get tomatoes a month ahead of usual date and eat fresh lettuce, kale, oriental greens year round.

Re: Fall Leaves Make a Great Garden Mulch

Fill gunny sacks 3/4 full of leaves and put the sacks over your root crops still in the ground. Keeps them from freezing. Just move a sack dig what you need and put the sack back. Sure love my carrots and beets that way.

Re: Build a Cold Frame with a Lightweight Lid

Another great cold frame is a basement window on the south side of your home. The first year I made a slanted (away from the house) clear plastic cover (4 mil) and built two shelves in the well. Herbs, lettuce, radishes, variety of chinese greens did very well even without additional light or heat. Started my tomatoes. peppers. egg plants, squash and melon on my heating pad as usual and then hardened them off in the window well. This year I'm getting an acrylic cover. Sure beats going out in the freezing rain or snow to tend or harvest.

Re: Ever Seen a Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog?

Discovered Baker's seeds 8 years ago. What wonderful garden delights we have enjoyed! They even offer seeds for Kiwi and the sweet annual garden huckleberry. Have to order two catalogs, one for me and one to loan. Once you've eaten a tiger melon or a fuzzy yellow hog tomato, you want to order the whole catalog.