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Re: The Road to Healthy, Productive Tomatoes

I've been growing tomatoes on the damp West Coast of BC for many years and only avioded blight by 1)Cover them to keep all moisture, including night-time dew, off the leaves.
And 2) If you can't cover them, spray with copper sulphate every couple of weeks or after a rain. Copper sulphate spray is still considered organic practice.
And HaveGreenThumb is dead-on stessing the importance of calcium to prevent blossom end-rot. We save all egg shells, powder them in the blender, then throw at least 1 cup in every hole when we plant. In this form the shells break down for use by the plant...otherwise larger pieces remain intact and the calcium can't be used by the plant.

Re: Protecting Transplants

Excellent Article!
Growing vegetables over the past 15 yrs.on Vancouver Island I found so many Onion, Garlic, Carrot, Brassica critters a problem I now cover almost everything with cloth.
Most of the flies that lay the eggs are gone by July so the cloth does not have to stay on all season.
The slight inconvenience of opening up the cloth to weed, thin, etc. is off-set by the greatly improved healthy harvest.
It also adds a touch of warmth, keeps the evening dew off, as well as hiding the goods from varmints as reported in the article.
Great Stuff!