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Re: Concrete Raised Garden Beds (Easy to build, and fairly cheap)

I love the idea of using concret blocks. Here is a way to save even more money. Compost here is expensive. I plant in this manner and have great success. First layer (on the ground) 1/4 inch of newspaper. It's great for the worms. Next layer is alfapha, as is comes off the bales. Usually about 4-6 inches thick. Now sprinkle blood meal and bone meal. Next layer is straw. About 4-6 inches. Then more blood meal and bone meal. Now the compost. 3-4 inches thick. As this mixture breaks down it feeds the plants. The following year just add a little more alfapha, straw and compost. (plus blood meal and bone meal) Then subsequint years just more compost and organic food. I have had great success with the very poor soil we have around here.