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QUESTION: Pockmarked Zucchinis

My zucchini squashes are pockmarked. Can anyone tell me why?

QUESTION: Tomato Trusses Keep on Growing

I am growing indeterminate Ardwyna Paste tomatoes. The end of the bottom fruit trusses keeps on growing and producing more leaf and flowers. Should this tip growth be suppressed like leafaxil...

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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

Although Victoria, BC had temperatures below normal all season (La Nina blamed) and most gardeners did not harvest many ripe tomatoes before the blight came mid-september because of early rains, I managed to get quite a few. I started them inside mid-March and kept them in an unheated greenhouse from late April until the end of May, then out into the garden. Rocket was ripe, small but delicious from early July to mid-Sept, but then the foliage turned black and they were no longer sweet. Lots of splits due to the rain, but not with Ardwyna Paste, which is still producing now.