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Re: Plant Shallots in Fall to Enjoy Next Spring

So I'm in Zone 10A-B---SW Florida. Do you think I could grow these here?--I have had zero success with garlic, but onions grow well.

Re: Figs in Fall

I just found this. My Brown Turkey figs are ripening now-picked 4 today. Quartered them as you suggested and they are in the oven now--can't wait!

Re: There's A Garden App For That

These apps are really nice for those who use the I-stuff. I'm looking for a computer-based program to track my veggie garden plantings--normalized to my hardiness zone. Something that I can use for succession planting, best time to plant and harvest(including Lunar considerations). An automated list of companions(veggies and herbs/flowers). Old Farmers has just launched such a program, but it is less than object oriented. Anyone have any info on other software planners?

Re: For Crying Out Loud: Tips for No-Tear Onion Cutting

Thanks for all the tips. I've used many of these, but have finally resigned myself to tears--then again, prepping onions is a work of love-so to speak. You'll never get a good dish unless you have to suffer through some pain to create it. I guess crying is part of the process--try eating a couple of slices while you cutting--lets you know you're really cooking!

Re: Video: Victory Garden (1942 edition)

Just found this and I want to thank you so much for posting it. This is how I always thought of growing a garden with the family. I remember working with my Dad in the garden in NY--carrots, greens, corn, beans, rhubarb, turnips, parsnips, cabbage, broccoli, and ---rocks. I never understood how they could come back year after year, when I just raked them all out the last season.
I was able to get my Granddaughter to help me start corn last week-wow, she wanted to plant more pepper seeds too!

Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

Great idea! I'm going to use this, but am going to add a couple of burlap bags as liners--you should be able to get some at your local Tractor Supply for 99 cents ea.-keeps the spuds from being exposed to the sun(toxic Solanine), and will keep the soil from running out when watering.

Re: Wood: Warming Winter Work

I remember this same scenario as a child in the Adirondacks. I'm in Fl. now, but still hold these memories. nothing like a crackling fire on a cold winter's eve.(Cold? in Fl? well yes, it does get cold after you've been here a few years)
Thank you for being sensitive and harvesting only diseased/damaged wood for the stove--we do the same

Re: Free Fertilizers Within Reach

Banana peels work great for fertilizing ferns-such as Staghorns/Elkhorns---any Platycerium species