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Re: Grow Birdhouse Gourds

You know for anyone that has not grown the birdhouse gourds needs to know unless you cut them back they can overtake a lot of space.The first time I ever grew them I planted them in a fence row close to some corn I was growing. Before to long they where in my corn,neighbors yard and just all over. Places I didn't intend for them to be :-)
needless to say I had an abudant crop. I build all types of wildlife structures(if it roost or nest I build it a home) and for our Bluebirds, well they do prefer an 1 1/2 hole for their nest but like all bird species when it comes time to raise a brood they will use just about anything available to them. I've had Bluebirds use one of my owl houses before to raise their young.

Re: Going For It!

Just happened upon your article this morn. Most times I just read Fine Gardening but I signed up for Vegetable Gardener this morn. Bet it cold there this morning. I wanted to ask you about your green house, the width,length and height of it if you don't mind sharing.I have quite a few double pane windows that I was wanting to build something like you have against my small shop in my backyard not only to get a head start on spring vegies but grow certain ones all winter here in North Georgia were our winters are fairly mild. Besides using the greenhouse to grow in this winter it will also serve has a heater for my shop :-)