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Re: QUESTION: Squirrels in the garden and bird feeder invaders

Try dropping pieces of Ex-Lax. Place it around and in your garden bed. The squirrels will eat it and will soon come to find out not everything in your garden is good for their tummy, if you catch my drift. It doesn't hurt them but drives them away from your garden.

Re: QUESTION: Getting rid of ground squirrels?

Yes, have one for you, as I was doing the research myself regarding the matter. I read gardeners blog that said that this woman put pieces of Ex-Lax around and in her garden and the squirrels loved and ate the "chocolate" and never ate ANYTHING from her garden again.....hehehe. I'm picking up tomorrow :)

Re: Let Worms Till Your Garden Beds

What a wonderful idea. I was thinking something similiar. I noticed that when semi decomposed leaves are on bare soil and saturated it with water, beneath the leaves after a few days is saturated with red earth worms and the soil is so wonderfully "fluffy". So yeah mother nature does a wonderful job......