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Re: A Sage Way to Delicious Dining

HI, I'm so glad to see this receipe! I was trying to remember what I used to do and this sounds very close. For added richness I saute in real butter, also saute mushrooms, and I use just the tiniest amount of grated mozerella cheese (no added flavor) just to hold it together nicely so gravy or cranberry sauce piles on nice.

There is a rich vegetarian gravy I used to make that used lots of Nutritional yeast, I wish I could remember that, no flour. I would add garlic, touch of ginger, touch of cumin, and a dash of tamari for brown. I think it was a cup or 2 of the nutritional yeast, browned gently in a cast iron skillet, then add plenty of oil, then everything else. It is instantly thick.