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Re: Scarecrows

I too had a problem with hooking the pants to the shirt so I stapled them. I like your suggistion about using twine. For the head I stuffed a plastic shopping bag with other shopping bags and tied it on the stake for the head. This also moves with the breeze. I tied a used pie plate to the arm and let it dangle in the breeze.
Never thought of the mylar. Potota chip and other snack bags have a shiny inside. I will start using strips of them. Thanks for the great ideas.

Re: Choosing the Right Tiller for your Home Vegetable Garden

Good article Mike. Can't wait for your next on cultivators.
We decided to put in a decent garden this year. Small by most comparisons but we have had a drought for the last 3 years in Tx.
I have a old Craftsman 5 HP that I last used 4 or 5 years ago. Couldn't get it running the next year so I let it set.
My wife has a electric trimmer that also converts to a small tiller. We plan to have a few small gardens instead of just 1 larger one. I was getting tired tring to till up unbroken ground ( 10 x 20) so I dug out the Craftsman. Made sure there was fresh gas, hit it with starting fluid. Sputtered after 3 pulls. Started after 2 more. Took me some time to get this one garden tilled up as the tiller wouldn't keep running. I will work on it since it did start. Just want to say if I ever get another tiller it will be a rear tine . Used on a few years ago and found them less tiresome. Getting to old to horse them around.
Thanks for the great article, keep them coming. jazmjz