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Re: Free Fertilizers Within Reach

Weeds and plant residue make great liquid organic fertilizers. Plants and weeds harvest nutrients from the soil to grow new cell tissues. You can brew weeds and plant tea, those same nutients will again become available to feed your garden. Different plants harvest different minerals, make sure you get a good mix ( green and brown). Green plants and grass clippings will dissolve quickly in water, makin the tea potent. Now for the recipe. This is a very smelly job! Fill a container that has a lid and make sure it's away from the house and neighbors! Fill that container with all kinds of plants and weeds ( grass clippingd, brow leaves, weeds (nettles,dandelions, comfrey,clover,dollar weed)then top it with water stir a couple of times each week and let it ferment with the lid on for 3 weeks dilute it the black liquid. 10 parts water one part black plant liquid. Warning the liquid is smelly during the process. Cost: weeds (free from you garden) water (depends how much you water)free if you collect rain water.