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Re: Sunny Lemons Brighten Winter Days in Many Ways

My wonderful mother also sends me a "flat-rate" postal box full of the lemons that she grows in her back yard at just about the time I am ready to fly south!! It is the perfect cure indeed! I am not sure what the cultivar is, but I do know there is NOTHING like citrus picked fresh from the tree!! When I open the package, the scent of the fruit alone sends me spinning! It truly changes the taste (for the best!) of anything and everything you can make with a lemon.

Re: Start a New Garden Bed with a Compost Sandwich

You have me a bit skeptical that the soil will be broken down enough by spring, but because I was never real happy with the soil composition and texture previously, I am convinced to at least try. I was planning on moving my raised beds to a new, sunnier location anyway, so this will give me the opportunity to start off in a good place. I look forward to reporting the results in spring!

Thanks for the advice and instructions!!

Re: The White House Garden in April

I had to chuckle at the sheep photo. Check out what Google is up to...;txt#comments

What's old is NEW again!

and I am happy to see that my garden is no worse off than that of the White House!