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QUESTION: Excessive potato green

I have good results with potato. I plant early, use specialized potato fertilizer and hill at least once. I get a good harvest but the plants have excessively tall plants. Last year the plants were...

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Re: QUESTION: Zucchini problems

Looks like powdery mildew. I use serenade. It is supposed to be organic and you can eat the food the same day.

Re: QUESTION: Japanese Beetles

Look into milky spores. Its organic and only attackes japanese beetle grubs. I do not use pesticides either but I do use milky spores.

Re: Hardy Kiwi

Thank you. It seems as if everyone in Ct I speak to who has hardy kiwi purchased them from millers.

Re: QUESTION: Spots on tomatoes

Actually it depends on the type of blight as to whether it can survive without a host plant. "Currently the late blight pathogen is only known to be able to survive on living host plant tissue (which includes tubers) in the US."

Re: Hardy Kiwi

I realize it is an Actindia arguta, but there seems to be many different types of that varity. All the hardy kiwis are listed under that name in many of my catalogs. I was wondering if you knew what type or where you purchased it.

Re: QUESTION: Is it too late to grow potatoes and corn?

It depends on where you live and the type of corn. Are they an early season (55ish day) corn? Do you live in Maine or S. Carolina? Take your average frost date and subtract the number of days that the seed supplier says it needs and see what you come up with.

Re: QUESTION: Spots on tomatoes

Unfortunately it looks like blight to me.

Re: Hardy Kiwi

What type of kiwi is this (Issia, kens red...? I also live in Ct and would like to grow hardy kiwi.