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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

Well, I live in Montgomery Co., MD. We keep a strictly organic garden: only compost and raised beds. The tomato plants did well until initially predated by the deer which have now been neutralized by extra fencing. However, frankly I suspect squirrels and birds but have no proof. We also had erratic rainfall.

All our tomatoes re-seeded from last year and actually came back stronger, more vigorous. Anyway, a Russian variety we had bought at the local farmer's market the year before, Moskvitch, did reasonably well and is very flavorful on the acid side. The others that resurrected are the very productive cherry tomatoes that fruit endlessly; they also seem very resistant to diseases.

But I would appreciate a guide on how to prune tomato plants in the garden to maximize fruit; it seems we get a lot of bushy plants and not so much fruit per plant.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

Our garden has tomatoes, chili peppers, herbs, flowers, asparagus. It is organic. It is in Silver Spring, MD and this year a lot of very hot, dry temps. We mitigated with adequate water. Results have been disappointing. The cherry tomatoes have barely survived the squirrels (?). The larger tomatoes, various types, simply didn't fruit though they had lots of sun and lots of leaf.

Leaving aside birds and squirrels, is there a way to ensure better fruiting w/o artificial fertilizers? Our soil is good, rich manure, mineral soil with a neutral pH on raised beds since we tend to have lots of rain then no rain.