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Re: QUESTION: How to keep cats out of raised bed garden

Chicken wire. Cut a piece of chicken wire to size for the top of the bed and just lay it on the dirt. The plants will grow up thru it and in short order it won't be visible but it will keep the cats out. They don't like walking on it and can't scratch thru it (so they won't use the first soft dirt as a litter box).

Re: The Benefits of Growing Potatoes in Containers

Hi Chris,
Do you ever read the Garden Professors blog? They look at the actual science behind different parts of gardening and landscaping and it's pretty darn interesting. In a recent column they addressed the toxicity of using old tires, both whole or as mulch, in a garden and they came to the conclusion that it's a really bad idea. There is more leached chemicals than what most people realize. Here's a link to their blog and the article on using tires for mulch. If you scroll down to the end, there is a link to a more scientific article addressing the perils of tires, whole or mulch.

Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

I live in the Sierra foothills and I've heated my 6x7 greenhouse with a string of Christmas lights - the old fashioned large ones - not the little twinkle lights. I have a key lime and a mango tree in large pots that overwinter in the greenhouse as well as several hibiscus, various tender succulents and a tender bouganvilla. The heat from the lights kept everything alive and frost free. My electrical bill goes up about $30/month in the winter, but I also hang strands of Christmas lights on my orange and lemon tree that are not in the greenhouse to keep them from frost damage, so I'm not sure how much the greenhouse lights actually cost in electricity.