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Re: Holdsworth Victory Garden - Spring 2013

fantastic!!! how do you grow the strawberries in the bale??

Re: Sow Your Own Annual Herbs

i have grown my own basil this year. it all started really well, but now i have noticed they are yellowy and not that lovely rich deep green colour and they are also leggy. what am i doing wrong? they sit on my window sill in kitchen.
thanks :o)

Re: What's the Best Way to Heat a Small Greenhouse?

im loving this site!! i live in Saskatchewan Canada. I have had a big shock as i moved here from the UK and we dont have winters like this back home!!! (minus 47)
anyways i am really wanting to buy or build a green house of a good size and of course i want to heat it in the 6 months of cold here.
Am i crazy?? i this possible?? anyone have any advice for me please. thanks!!