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Re: Orange You Glad I Asked?

I apologize for iPhone auto changes to words in my other comment I didn't catch. I am actually on a break in a field harvesting 'apricot' gene lines I am developing.

Re: Orange You Glad I Asked?

The vast Majority of orange tomatoes are due to a single recessive gene called 'tangerine'. Once an orange is found it will be stable for at least that trait. The other genes producing orange flesh have only been released in a few varieties which never got broad acceptance. Most notably was the 'Beta' gene which produces more beta-carotene.This is a dominant gene and only a few commercial lines where developed and released. The other genes sit in edu or gov seed banks unused accept for study. Apricot is one such gene. There is an orangish tomato named 'apricot' but it is not the apricot gene. The apricot gene came from a chance discovery of a single fruit in a Meso-American market during a collection trip about 1950.
The other orange gene is called Delta. It came from another species (as did Beta) and has been introgressed into the normal tomato species via conventional breeding. To my knowledge no 'Delta' varieties have ever beef released.
I have been working on getting all these genes crossed with heirloom parents (accept Beta).