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Re: DIY Square Foot Garden Planting Templates

Very cool!

Re: Plano Victory Garden - Spring 2011

WOW! Great garden! Very impressive, I live down near Corpus Christi and am just starting a trial garden now to see how it goes. This past year with all the water restrictions in place made me think a lot about a backyard garden. I intend to capture as much rain water as possible from the house roof, store that in containers and supplement with city water as required.

There's nothing in a grocery store that tastes as good as something today fresh from your own backyard.

How much time do you spend on the garden on a daily basis?

Re: 13 Smart Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Garden

Thanks for the list of questions to ask, they're helpful.

Unlike jolj, I wasn't raised on a farm and I'm starting at ground zero. At the moment, I'm trying to learn: how to construct some raised beds (because my knees are going), where to put which veggies & fruit in which areas of sun, what soil amendments work best for which type of plant, and 50 gazillion other things. Want some butterfly magnets and cut flowers too.

I don't know how long it will take the extension service to run a soil sample, but I need to get going on that.

Right now I'm thinking: blueberries, lemons, limes, tomatoes, herbs:(basil, oregano, thyme), romaine, cukes, red potatoes, red onions, snap beans, broccoli, carrots, chives, & cilantro. More may come along as I learn.