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Re: How to Grow Beefsteak Tomatoes


I also live in Thailand and have had success growing Big Boy and beefsteak tomatoes. I start with seeds in peat moss (1500 THB a bag) and transplant to prepared earth when they are about 6-8" high. I have had several failures but, learning a little each time. Last year, I was giving away most of the fruit. I planted the seeds in November and transplanted to the garden in December. The plants are now (Jan 10) between 1-2' high and starting to flower. Out of 30 plants, 3 have died. Last year, I lost 1/2 the seedlings within 2 weeks of transplanting them. The year before, I lost them all.

The turning point was when I watched the movie "The Godfather" and the scene when Vito died in the tomato garden, there were sheets protecting them plants from the noon day sun. I rigged up the plastic sheets you see used in nurseries here and my plants only get morning sun now. The intense sun at noon and early afternoons seems to be to much for beefsteak tomatoes here in the land of smiles. I added an additional garden in the rear of the house this year and the plants seem to be doing great there. The shadow of the house covers the plants in the afternoon there as well.

Seeds don't store well though. they need to be kept away from the high humidity or they won't germinate. Keep them in an airtight mason jar with silicone beads.

my 4th crop in 2 years. 1st crop, 100% failure, 2nd, 50% failure, 3rd, the seeds did not even germinate. 4th seems to be doing very well.