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Re: How to Grow Bell Peppers

Are the first peppers that form on a pepper plant supposed to be picked before a plant will set anymore peppers?
I've never grown peppers before but this year I decided to give it a shot with one plant. It has always been a healthy plant and is growing in a container. The problem is, it blossomed and set it's first two peppers [which have grown beautifully] but every blossom since has grown when it comes time to turn into a pepper, the stem turns yellow and I find it laying in the soil. The temperatures have been normal, not too hot or cold and moisture stress isn't an issue either. The plant is growing in a large pot with high-quality potting soil, so I doubt it's the soil. I've gone through all my gardening books and I can't find any reason that could be applied to this plant. I don't want to pick the first two peppers prematurely if I don't have to especially if they are going to be the only two that I am going to get from this plant.

Re: QUESTION: Tomato Problem....

I started my tomatoes from seed this year as well and have noticed the same thing going on with the leaves on my tomato p;lants. At first, I thought they looked more deformed than curled. I have plants in both a raised garden and a few in containers planted in potting soil so that eliminated the soil as the problem. Since everyone of these plants seems to be developing right on schedule, I've quit worring about it. I've poured through every gardening book at my disposal and found nothing that could apply to my plants. At least I know I'm not the only one!