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Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I had a better crop of tomatoes than I did last year. All my tomatoes had various diseases, and I also discovered that I have nematodes. I planted disease resistant varieties this year and had much better luck. I planted Celebrity, Big Beef, and Viva Italia. They are still bearing. Also sungold has done great for me and I love its taste. I will plant of these varieties next year. I am in zone 8a.

Re: How to Control Voles in Your Garden

I find that voles eat the roots of my plants more than the bark. I lost several hostas and shrubs until I found out what was happening. You could pick the hosta up out of the ground and it had no roots. I have resorted to planting everything in drainage rock because the problem is so bad in my area. It has improved somewhat due to a friendly neighborhood cat.