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Indoor Basement Garden

If you have just a little room and a little extra cash, I say why not grow a little fresh food inside? It lights up your day and keeps your mental health in top form. Plus, I love to eat fresh mators...

Going For It!

I don't want to eat. I don't want to take a bath. I don't want to go to town. I don't want to do anything but garden. Every time I'm out there, I get this hairbrained idea that this city lot can...

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Re: QUESTION: Cabbage

Cairo Hybrid reaches 24 inches high and about 20 inches wide. I would plant the 24 inches apart.

Re: Why Grow Your Own Food?

Onamental Edibles is what I call them. People think the Kale, spinach and Horseraddish growing in my front yard flower beds are quite pretty. They really like the Chinese Wolf berries!

Re: Going For It!

Gardening is a really great thing. Fresh food.
Crispy carrots really get my motor running! Fresh cabbage makes me flip my lid man! And we all know the difference between garden tomatos and store bought tomatos. If not, your tasters are on vacation.
Yes, gardening is GREAT! But, if you don't save your own seed, you are only doing it half way.
Anyone can save tomato, pepper, bean and other easily aquired seed. But what about perennials? Cabbage, carrots, kale, beets, turnips and such? Takes two years to get these seeds. They need a vernalization period (COLD WEATHER) to produce seed the second year.
If it is too cold, many perennials will not survive the winter. We can use heavy mulch, cold frames, greenhouses and the like. That's a lot of work though. The pay off is worth it, in my opinion.
Now you can call me paranoid or just plain kookie but, I believe there is evil afoot. Mean, greedy, evil people that would love to sell you seed every year, rather than you grow your own seed and be self sufficient. They have targeted the larger farmers for that end. They have also targeted our Senators and Congress people with large "campaign donations," to get them in lock step with that agenda.
So what happens if all their evil dreams come true and they end up controlling all of the seed stock in the world?
That's easy to answer: Their dream is your nightmare.
Will it be GM strictly? I think so.
Up here in Idaho, it gets pretty chilly. I think I can bring most any vegetable thru the winter and harvest seed the next year. That is my goal. That is what I am doing here on this planet. My job is to foil the mean, evil, greedy multinational seed producers and become completely self sustaining with really good, clean, fresh food. Bags and bags of good, viable seed is my aim.
Folks in the south and south west really don't have to worry much. Everything will over winter down there. Up here, it is more of a challenge. I think it is a challenge worth taking on. It's worth taking on because afterall, mean, evil, greedy people are worried about you and your children and your nutrition and overall health. R-I-G-H-T-!

Re: How to Grow Onions from Seed

The best article on growing onions yet. I have done ok. A little less than ok actually. Small bulbs but still tasty. I want big bulbs! I'll be using your tips this year. Thank you.