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what can I plant?

My neighbor was driving me crazy putting broken ugly bamboo on my property line removing rocks creating holes putting up string and signs and I finally got a surveyor and put up a cedar stockade...

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Re: Get a Head Start on Your Cilantro

I'm self taught mostly on the computer and just love your website. Now I need some advice... My lawn is just in terrible shape after the extremely scorching summer in Belmont, MA and I am very fond of the Baron Victor mixture that was put in by a company no longer in business called John D.Lyon. Why? THERE IS SWEETGRASS IN THE MIX.I have been able to obtain the seeds for this,Vanilla Grass(Anthoxanthum odoratum) from Sand Mountain Herbs but do I add it to the Pearls seed mixture from Whole Foods? Also how do I prepare the lawn and what do I do now in late October. My lawns are very small but I want them to look pretty. LOIS