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Re: QUESTION: Ants in the garden

Not sure as to the extent of the problem, but most garden ants (your typical little black or red coloured ones) don’t pose a problem for the garden. Their tunnels help aerate the soil, they act as pollinators by crawling from bloom to bloom and they eat harmful caterpillars.

The problem I have with them is their ability to ‘farm’ aphids. I’ve planted some sacrificial plants, mostly nasturtiums as the aphids love them, around the garden. The nasturtiums will look pretty awful by the time the summer ends, but it’ll help keep the rest of my veggies safe.

Re: QUESTION: Blueberries

Early spring and again in late spring is the short answer.

Here is some great info on blueberries from our local fruit farm, http://www.lecoteau.com/Blueberries.pdf

Long answer...
Blueberries like acid fertilizers such as Rhodo or Azalea
formulations. For newly planted stock, use 2 tablespoons of
10-20-10 (or similar fertilizer) in late spring or once plants are established. (Careful! Blueberries are very sensitive to over fertilization!) For subsequent years, use 1 ounce of fertilizer for each year from planting to a total of 250ml (8 oz.) per plant.
Apply in early spring and again in late spring for best results. Always water well after fertilizing. For organic fertilizers, blood meal and cottonseed meal work
well. Avoid using fresh manures.