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Re: Gooseberries

I would like to know if the Logan Berry is a relative to the gooseberries? Please I would like to learn something about this type of berry,so could you do an article on them. Thank You !!!

Re: The Road to Healthy, Productive Tomatoes

I've a small garden space. I've grown tomatoes every year, in a difference spot in the garden. I don't have any problems w/ diseases or fungis & leaf blight. I get my seed from Big Lots or the Dollar Tree. I've not a single problem at all. Then, I've had those big green ugly worms w/ horns in the front. All I did was spray my tomatoes w/ a homemade organic insecticide to take care of the worms. Thanks for a good article on tomatoes & what to look out for.

Re: Veggie Trends for 2012

Hi Cindy,my name is Linda & I teach small children how to grow flowers,plants & vegetables. I think I'll try the paper strips,will work wonderful. Will give it a try in my next lesson. Will let you know how it works out. Thanks Linda