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Re: Garden Supplies On The Cheap: Thrift & Dollar Store Edition

I just bought a bunch of citron green laundry baskets at the Dollar store to use for container gardens. I put Smart Pots (made of black fabric) or nursery pots in them, to dress them up. I also haunt the local Salvation Army for big cheap baskets to use as planters.

Re: Cheap and Easy Winter Greens

I love this idea. I went mad making garlic scape pesto last summer and am almost out of it. This might get me through the rest of the winter.

Re: Try Soil Bag Planting for No-Dig Beds

I love this idea, but would also suggest "Smart Pots," ( which are a fabric container. To plant, you only need one more step, which would be pouring the potting soil into the smart bag. They come in all different sizes and are pretty inexpensive. They let the roots breathe and are made of recycled materials.

I know that some plastic (pvc) leaches lead when exposed to the sun, (garden hoses, for example, but that's a whole other story). I'm not sure if the plastic from the soil would break down.