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Re: How to Grow Asparagus

I've read with interest all the articles on asparagus growing but they all seem to end up before my questions starts ...

I hate the stuff but will happily grow it for my wife who loves it. I bought 3 crowns a few years ago off ebay and did all the right stuff ... bug the trench, planted the crowns, added plenty of manure, etc in the backfill which I added bit by bit, didn't pick any the first year and only small amounts the next, left the ferns to mature but now, 3-4 years later, there doesn't seem to be anymore shoots than at first and what I picked this season were about knitting needle in thickness ... so my thinking is, they need more manure and I've already ordered 3 more crowns for next winter/spring. My question is ... can I keep adding more manure to the surface or am I risking burying the crowns too deep? Also, can I add the new crowns to the same part of the garden or should I start a whole new bed? Space is not an issue.