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Re: DIY Starter Raised Bed For Kids

Hey All,

I have been gardening out of raised beds for about 15 years and have been through several different designs. Rot is always an issue, moist dirt and wood do not mix well, especially with sheet goods like plywood. I have made one addition to my raised beds that seems to working very well so far. I cover the inside surface of the wood with of the bed EPDM pond liner, the type that used for Koi ponds and the like. They are rated as
• Fish, plant safe & wildlife safe
• Min 30 MIL with 25 Year Warranty
• Permanent elasticity from -49ºF to 266ºF
• Ozone and UV radiation resistance
• Excellent thermal and dimensional stability
You can find them easily on the internet and even on eBay.
Hope this helps anyone thinking about building a bed.