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Re: Is Your Squash Bored to Death?

I started growing the vining type up a trellis. Makes it much easier to find the pests: Borers and Squash Bugs. Starting the 2nd week in June, start examining each day for signs of the moth/larvae from the borer. I fought them off last year by spraying liquid 7 at the base every 7 days for 3 weeks, starting the 2nd week in June. I prefer not to have to use chemicals, because of the damage to beneficial insects. However, these borers are tricky little things--I don't spray the squash, just the vine close the ground. You have to be diligent with this if you want it to work--I also plant twice as many vines in anticipation of losing some. Will try radishes this year--will plant today among them!

Re: Why can't I grow squash?

I have had similar problems when there is significant rain fall through out the season. Seems as if the blooms do not tolerate excessive rains. I will also water under the leaves, not on top of of them. Not a cure but will help prevent the smaller ones from rotting.