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Re: Perfect Tomatoes Come from Unhurried Biochemistry

Thanks. That's very good info to take into consideration for garden conditions I have control of next year. In the meantime, I have a dozen or so Black Krim that have been sitting, fully grown, on the vine for about three weeks. I'm 20 miles west of Boston. We have had heavy rain, followed by high temps/humity, followed by some very nice days and then heavy rain last night. Since the first few Black Krims cracked down the side and around the crown, I'm nervous about leaving them on the vine as last night's rain will probably result in further cracking. Not to mention the blight I had to fight off in two of my six plants. I did mitigate it, but with the rain! What's Boston girl to do?

Re: QUESTION: Keeping Groundhogs Out of Raised Beds

I have a groundhog living under my shed. He got under my fence and had a feast. After that I started spraying liquid fence around the perimeter of my garden (7 foot deer fence). When I brush my cats, I take the hair and place it around the fence. Recently I started taking cat litter clumps and throwing them in the hole he taunts me from. Planning to shave your beard?