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Re: Zesty Garden Pickles

I personally don't like pickled items and don’t keep much stock of them in pantry storage, but I do agree that price plays a big part. I could get the wife to try it out at home and perhaps we can tweak recipes more to taste too!

Re: Get an Early Start for Your Spring Garden

I've never been able to put that much effort into my garden. Hell sometimes it's hard enough remembering to bring the seeds into storage for the next season so I think I'll stick with perrenials and less seasonal greenery hey?

Re: Bacillus thuringiensis: A Natural and Safe Microbial Pesticide

I think there are quite a lot of options for plant-safe and all natural pesticides. I personally use a bit of vinegar from storage diluted in water as a pretty good deterrant. Thinking about using powdered organisms just makes me a bit squeamish!