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Re: How to Grow Asparagus

Hello Karen, thank you for your asparagus article. It is very interesting and helpful. I have a few questions related to growing asparagus I would like your assistance with. I am experimenting with growing asparagus indoor using a hydroponic system. I have been successful creating a nice root base and crown. Since I can control the temperature, lighting and moisture I am expecting that I can extend the yield of my plants. Is this accurate? Also, do you have any recommendations with regards to ferning. You mentioned in your article that ferning was important for next years yield. How often should I fern my plans in order to get a better yield? Is a frost or freeze critical for future success? Of course, this is not an option for me since I am working indoors.

I am excited for what I am learning. From my results so far, I am confident that I can produce asparagus much quicker, indoors with less effort than outdoor gardening.