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Why are the leeks beginning to go to seed in July this year?

This early sprouting is unusual for the leeks even though they were planted at the same time as last year

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Re: Culinary Mint Medley

That was a timely article. Thank you for that. The applemint plant that I have was given to me about 40 years ago and has come with me through various moves. One thing that I learned very quickly was that it does better in a pot even if planted in the ground. Otherwise is takes over the entire herb garden. Of all the varieties that I have grown or tried to grow this one is very forgiving and survives almost any condition. Having said that I wonder if it will survive the unusual minus 8 degree Celsius frost that we had here in the northwest about a month ago. My old Laural Bay tree is completely brown...

Re: Hay Makes a Great Mulch

Just so I understand this process. You are using hay, not straw. Would it be possible to use straw re-cycled and reasonabley clean that has been used as animal bedding?

Re: Oh, Deer

One thing that has worked where our electric fence failed was the Plantskydd product. It must be applied in warmer weather and allowed to dry. Then rinse the sprayer or it will not work on next use.