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Re: Grow Herbs in Containers for the Winter

My rosemary plant has been living outside year round for 7 years. In Boise Id. winter lows of -10F to -15 are normal.

I think its sucess ( it is now over 4' tall,and yes it is definitely a rosemary) might have some thing to do with where it is planted and what is planted in. I have never had much luck with rosemary before.

It is on a south facing slope up against the side of the house in full sun with a big black rock on one side and some short steps on the other so it is pretty well protected and very well drained.It is planted in graveley sand with a little bit to dirt. No organic material except some mulch when I first planted it and no fertalizer ever.

My theory is it is not the cold so much that kills as the moisture and the roots experiancing freeze and thaw.

The plant stays green all year round so I can still harvest from it in Jan.