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Re: Build Your Own Raised Beds

Just wanted to add that people should read this Fine Gardening Article:


Re: Video: How to Build a Raised Bed

Athough there were once some major concerns about pressure treated lumber, the new environmentally "friendly" chromium and arsenic free lumber is suitable for use in raised beds.

Furthermore, this fine gardening article suggests that the amount leaching out of even the old CCA lumber is so insignificant that even the old stuff was not a problem.


It is really important to understand the science.

Re: Build Your Own Raised Beds

I definitely agree that people should not use CCA preserved woods, but the new environmentally "friendly" arsenic and chromium free preservatives used in pressure treated lumber make pressure treated lumber a good choice now.

If you read the research on Ever Guard and similar micronized copper products, it seems that although some preservative leaches out over a long period it is sequestered by the soils and not taken in to plants.

It is probably no worse than water from some municipal supplies, or copper plumbing.