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Re: Recyled Raised Beds

I've been told that my use of PVC pipes as hoops makes my veggies non-organic as chemicals bleed into the soil. True? False?

Re: Canning Tomatoes, Step by Step

That's a long time in the water bath... what is the altitude adjustment? I'm at 6500 ft.

Re: 2010 Tomato Roundup

I'm in zone 3, so short growing season.
Disappointment: Sun Sugar; I'll stick with Sun Gold next year.
Excellent: Kimberley; this is an heirloom that was given to me; it's a very small plant but very prolific and the tomatoes are excellent, especially when picked with just a little green still showing on top; remind of the amazing green/orange tomatoes I had in the Sorrento region.
Good: Jet Star
And the other kinds are just beginning to ripen!! Sigh.