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Masoor Dal

Easy to cook and very delicious recipe with a name, which you will probably have hard time to remember. Try Masoor Dal and share your opinion.

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Re: Herbed Three Bean Salad with Tangy Vinaigrette

I'll definitely try and cook this with some sausages. I'm sure it will taste really good.

Re: My Pool-Table Garden

Maybe I would try to create something similar, but on a smaller scale. My garden is quite small and I try to use my space wisely, thanks for posting.

Re: New (2015) 4x8 boxes and tomato string hangers.

You have learned some good things about gardens through your mistakes. Keep the good work, your garden will grow even more eventually.

Re: My favorite flowers

I like the kiss flower as well, it looks like one big pair of lips.

Re: Trellises

I have one question though. Wouldn't the twine get worn down under the weight of your plants? Wouldn't a metal wire be a better idea?

Re: Trellises

Your trellises look really good. I have always wondered whether there's a way to change the spring tension you just answered my question.

Re: Pick a Vegetable Growing Resolution for 2016

My garden resolution for 2016 is to make my garden prettier looking. I'll plant more flowers and fix and repaint my fence.

Re: Easy Ways to Kill Weeds Naturally

I think hot boiling water is the most effective method in this list. I've tried it numerous times and it has never failed to deliver.

Recently I tried a weed touch and to be honest it did a good job. Yes, it also left some black spots, but what can you do. At least now I know the pesky weeds won't come back.

Re: A Few Good Bugs to Fight Tomato Pests

This was a good read. I always fertilize my garden with natural manure to keep my helpful bugs healthy. If I have weeds I also use only natural weed killers, unless things really look bad. In my opinion the more natural stuff you use on your garden, the better. Being closer to nature is what gardens are about.

Re: All About Tomatoes

Ruth you have outdone yourself with this incredibly detailed guide on tomatoes. Researching and collecting all those articles in one place must have taken ages.
Me and my girlfriend decided to start a small vegetable garden of our own and we're definitely using this guide when the time to plant tomatoes comes. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

Re: Hoshigaki: The Art of Drying Persimmons

Last weekend me and my wife spent several hours peeling and hanging 50 persimmons. Unfortunately we left them unprotected and they grew mold after several days. I've heard dipping them in vodka helps against mold, is that true?

Re: When to Harvest Vegetables

This is quite the informative and helpful post on vegetables. Thanks for sharing.