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Re: What Does NPK Mean?

now instead of using chemicales in your garden like in the second world war you could not buy chemicles so they used there compost heap soot,from there chimneys,coffe grounds .egg shells wood ash and soap for wasing down and spraying.they use to get the tar from pine trees o help them graft,and the wood from the willow to make their cutting root.this was all in newspaper out every weekend grow your own food,like saving THE ROOTS OF ALL YOUR PEAS AND BEANS FOR NITROGEN CANT REMEMBER WHERE WE GOT OUR PHOSPHORUS AND POTTASH FROM BUT IT WAS FROM OUR HOMES OR GARDEN. but I hear now I hear the scientist have found more things in our homes and gardens which will make us grow better vegetables .now we should all get together as they did in war time write down the things we
nitrogen "what are we going to use"
pest sprays--------------------------
virus deseas--------------------------
and so on