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Re: Rabbit Manure in the Garden

I see that most of these posts are a bit dated at this point but wanted to jump in none the less.

I realize that this site is focused on gardening so I will refrain from a complete tirade on how rabbits belong in the house (they are the 3rd most owned domesticated animal in the US)and should under no circumstances be housed outdoors.

That said, if you are interested in adding rabbit poop to your garden please, please, please do not buy or adopt a rabbit just to do that. Rabbits are a 10 year commitment and require spaying/neutering and regular vet visits just like cats and dogs.

Instead ask around about who already has rabbits. Friends, co-workers, church members, etc. Most rabbit owners are happy to supply you with fresh poop for your garden. Or look online to see if there are any rabbit shelters in your area. They will also be happy to have you take some of the many, many bags of poop they dispose of every day.

Please check out the website for information on rabbit ownership as well as a list of local shelters.