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Re: Paying Your Gardening Skills Forward

Greg, you are a garden angel! This is a brilliant to help a friend and make a new one! This idea is one to share.

Re: To The Burren and Back!

Susan, I wish I had known you were visiting The could have come by and seen my small garden! I live a few miles away in Kilshanny....a verdant hill, which we call The Golden Vale, which is the exact opposite of The Burren.

Glad you had such a wonderful trip and hope the weather was good, too. I also hope you got your fill of seafood and sea greens!

Greens, that is about all that is left in my garden. Tons of red kale, brussel sprouts, purple sprouting broccoli and a few herbs.

I love the greens cooked and then tossed with an aioli or caesar-type dressing with a spoonful or two of cooked beans.

Thanks for was fun to read.

Re: Growing Potatoes in a Laundry Basket

Great idea alouagie! I have about 16 plastic, mesh-woven bags (the type that coal, wood, or sometimes rice is sold in), thoroughly washed, with compost and two varieties of potatoes planted. Colleen, an early potato and Sarpo Mira, a Hungarian blight-resistant variety. The bags of spuds are on top of black plastic (hoping to kill the grass and enlarge the garden a bit) and will be putting more compost in the bag as they grow. We shall see! The neighbor is amazed!

Re: Beyond Basil Pesto

Nothing much is growing in my garden now, except parsley, chives and marjoram. The little plot next to my garden has nettles...lots of nettles!

I picked about four cupfuls of nettles (used rubber gloves and scissors). Washed and rinsed (all while wearing rubber gloves) and blanched the nettles in salted water for two minutes. Drained well. Then proceeded to make pesto....a toe of garlic, some snipped chives and parsley, the nettles, olive oil and an anchovy. A little pepper and a tbsp. of grana padano.

This pesto was then dolloped on boiled new potatoes with a tbsp. white wine vinegar and a bit more olive oil.

Next up...nettle pesto with cauliflower and chickpeas.