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My corner of the world!

As you can see, I have lots of room for many more raised beds. All ideas are welcome!

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Re: Rooftop Refuge in the Asphalt Jungle

This is beautiful!! I have a gardening soul and although I have been lucky to live out in the country, I grew up in the city and if I were still there, I believe I would have found a way to garden!! Congratualtions on making this space so wonderful!

I do live in the country and have lots of land, but I decided to do my gardening in raised beds in a fenced in area (due to the number of deer that come across our property). I am working very hard to make it as organic as I possibly can, try to recycle appropriate material to make my boxes.

I hope to see more posts from you and your special garden!

Re: Raised Beds for Your Garden: Framing Materials

I have a couple of new ideas for recycling plastic 2 liter pop bottles and spindles from our pool deck which collapsed last summer. The spindles are treated, so I am making beds for flowers only. The bottles I will fill with sand and place them side by side upside down to form the bed. I have 8 3' x 6' beds made from cedar; two from cinder blocks and two from logs. I still have a lot of room in my fenced area for more raised beds. Can hardly wait for warmer weather!!

Re: Raised Garden Started Mid-June 2013

This is beautiful! Enjoy!

Re: New in Gardening - Raised Bed - Bricks beds garden

This will be a wonderful garden. I love brick. Every time I see some old building being torn down, I want to stop and ask if I can have some of the bricks, but I have either been too busy to stop or too shy to ask. I have a couple of cinder block boxes from blocks that were left behind our barn. I am saving plastic soda 2-liter bottles to fill with sand and use to make another "box". I made two square boxes from logs cut up when my husband had to cut down our weeping willow that died. It is fun finding different things to use to make boxes. I love to garden.

Re: My first garden

Very nice!

Re: My corner of the world!

I have ordered 4, 6' x 3' x 13" cedar boxes to fill in the big space. I have planted tomatoes in the cinder block bed; corn in one and beans in another. In the small cinder block box I have peppers and I transplanted a couple of the tomato plants that came up on their own. In one box a bunch of lettuce came up on its own! There are strawberries in one box as well.

I want to try the straw bale garden! Can you use hay bales? We have horses and have lots of hay bales!

Re: Recyled Raised Beds

Great way to recycle an old pool. Maybe to be safe, just line it with plastic sheeting? I will be on the look out for old pools for sale!

Re: Raised Beds: Who Has a Cool Design?

I am always on the hunt for new ideas for raised beds. I just posted a pic of mine and am looking forward to getting feedback from fellow gardeners!!