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Re: Tiny grey bugs on broccoli

It sounds like cabbage aphids, small grey mealy looking aphids.
They attack quite a few different plants but this variety seems most attracted to cabbages, and other members of the brassica family like mustard, beets, broccoli, turnips...
They have a water resistance and kind of a waxy layer on their little hides. Spraying with a strong insect killing soap solution fairly early might help. Growing a ground cover like white clover under the broccoli might help.

The aphids lay eggs on the stems and leaves of the plants and mostly the survive the winter that way instead of as hibernating adults.
Cleaning up all the old stalks can reduce the numbers of aphids you deal with next year.
They will lay eggs on wild plants too, so remember to look around at any weeds that are close by, especially weeds like mustard and lambs quarters.