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Re: Be A Smart Gardener

Wow! Thank you for telling us about this program. I have messed about with a couple of garden design programs but nothing compares to this: ease of use and complexity of information and actions provided. Thank you for your preview.

If you have suggestions you just click on the SUPPORT button (after first searching to make sure the information is not provided). So as this program grows, it will grow in directions its uses want I suspect.

If you have not yet tried this, take a whirl. I think you will be glad you did.

Re: Make Your Own Seed Tape

This is brilliant. For all the same reasons you mentioned (evenly spaced, not having to painfully pull up plants to thin etc.) I have often wished I could make a tape. I like to grow unusual types of plants and varieties within plants so there is no way commercial tapes would work. Also they seem pricey to me and one of the many reasons I garden is to reduce costs. So this is a wonderful answer to my dilemma.
Thank you for thinking of it, testing it out and publishing it.