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Re: Vinegared Rice and Lettuce Rolls

Being Japanese I eat this dish wrapped in seaweed, but I like the lettuce leave ideal. I just enjoyed this dish

Re: Four-Vegetable Salad with Sesame Seed Dressing

I have a at rik child that hate asparagus, but when he was visiting us he had some salad he enjoyed eating asparagus.

Re: Asian Slaw

I just love anything with ginger. You must try this!!

Re: Learning from other gardens and gardeners

I view the video and enjoyed it.

It does help to look at othe gardens and please ask question!!!

Re: Start Composting, Bokashi Style

I had found this posting (video) very useful, I had some od the at risk youth that I work with use Bokashi composting and they enjoyed the process very much

Re: Asian Daikon Radishes for the Winter Garden

I was glad to read this posting, being Japanese American I enjoy eating daiko.

I hope that this asian vegetable becomes very populat in American gardens, this is very organic, and is very healthly

I would like to see more posting on Asian vegetable on this web site

Re: Winter Tomatoes?

This was a timely articles,the article was very useful to the at risk childrens that I work with. Please keep posting articles like this